Six SSCI Papers for 2015 in five months!

The year 2015 has been very productive during these five months, with six accepted SSCI papers. Know more about this at the publications page.

  • Liu, S. H. J., & Lan, Y.-J.* (Accepted). Social constructivist approach to web-based EFL learning: Collaboration, motivation, and perception on Google Docs. Educational Technology & Society. (SSIC) (Corresponding author)
  • Lin, T. J., & Lan, Y. J.* (Accepted). Language learning in virtual reality environments: Past, present, and future. Educational Technology & Society. (SSCI) (Corresponding author)
  • Lan, Y. J., Fang, S. Y., Legault, J., & Li, P. (Accepted). Second language acquisition of Mandarin Chinese vocabulary: Context of learning effects. Educational Technology Research & Development. (SSCI)
  • Lan, Y. J., Kan, Y. H., Sung, Y. T., & Chang, K. E. (Accepted). Oral-performance language tasks for CSL beginners in Second Life. Language Learning & Technology. (SSCI)
  • Lan, Y. J. (2015). Contextual EFL learning in a 3D virtual environment. Language Learning & Technology, 19(2), 16-31. (SSCI)
  • Lan, Y.-J., Sung, Y. T., Cheng, C. C., & Chang, K. E. (2015). Computer-supported cooperative prewriting for enhancing young EFL learners' writing performance. Language Learning & Technology, 19(2), 134-155. (SSCI)