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Reading Journey

Reading Journey is a mobile English reading system. It is designed for EFL students to develop their early reading ability.

My Word Tools

My Word Tools is an action vocabulary learning strategy sharing system. The system provides a wide variety of vocabulary learning strategy tools that allow users to build their own libraries and vocabulary learning strategies, and then to share and develop more sophisticated vocabulary learning strategies.


i-Love Reading Chinese is a CSL/CFL collaborative action reading platform. The system allows teachers to easily lead students to conduct collaborative reading activities, and through group discussions to enhance learners’ Chinese verbal and reading skills!

Poetry Zone

The design of this mobile-supported cooperative writing platform is based on the output hypothesis and technology-supported cooperative writing, which emphasizes the importance of offering students structured input and output opportunities to produce their written work while they are working alone or with their group members on their writing tasks. Besides, it also conforms to the seven standard elements of an effective computer-assisted writing program/platform for beginning writers: drawing tools, inviting pictures and backgrounds, text-to-speech tools, printed-out written works, voice recorder, prewriting prompts and brainstorming areas as well as writing supports.

TELL Tools

Teaching Plan of Teaching Package 2- Who Ate the Cookies

The Teaching Plan of Teaching Package 2- Who Ate the Cookies is a design of the contents to be taught based on the topic, “Who Ate the Cookies?” Students are divided into two groups, the Information-Gap Task Group and the Reasoning-Gap Task Group and are requested to complete the same mission with different methods.

Chinese Learning Motivation Questionnaire

The Chinese Learning Motivation Questionnaire is a research instrument consisting of 31 questions for the purpose of gathering information about students’ motivation for learning Mandarin Chinese.

English Writing Motivation Scale

The English Writing Motivation Scale is a questionnaire developed to investigate students' motivation for learning English writing.

Grammaticality Judgement Test

The Grammaticality Judgement Test is a tool to test how well students can identify whether the 18 sentences in English are correct or incorrect.

Writing Rubrics

The Writing Rubrics is a set of instructions about the assessment criteria for the analytical assessment for ESL writing.