Build & Show

On October 2nd, 2015, the NTNU TELL Lab, together with Ximen Elementary School, presented how elementary school students have progressed after using the platform, Build & Show (B&S) to the media. At Ximen Elementary School, Principal Hsiao Chien-Chia expressed his gratitude for having had the opportunity to work with NTNU and to complete performing the experiment. Prof. Yu-Ju Lan further presented what we did and what we have achieved during and after the experiment.

  1. UDN News - 聯合新聞網
    虛擬蓋房子逛機場 小娃急著想上課
  2. National Education Radio 國立教育廣播電台
  3. Central Daily News - 中央日報
    台灣/漫步雲端的蓋「室」奇才 西門國小B&S虛擬實境學習平臺面面觀
  4. NTNU News 師大新聞
    師大和國小合作 虛擬實境學習
  5. Netwave News 聯維新聞
    西門.師大聯手 打造虛擬實境教室