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Time flies when we’re having fun! Take a look at this quick summary of our Lab "history".

Our Achievements
2014 started strong, with an International Workshop on Educational Applications of 3D Multi-User Virtual Environments. Several experts, including Mr. Mark Elwell, from the Hakusan International School, Japan, and Mr. Scott Grant, from Monash University, Australia, participated and shared their experiences and future plans for these educational tools.
Also in January we participated in the TOP University Achievement Exhibition, where government officials were given a brief explanation of all NTNU projects under the TOP grant. To conclude the month of January, we presented our main lab project to the media, with a press conference chaired by Dr. Sung, Chief Executive, Aim for the TOP University project.

From January to June we conducted a very successful experiment with the collaboration of over 300 students from WanFu Elementary School. This research experiment was related to the use of virtual environments, such as Second Life, to improve student's abilities in language learning. The outcome of this experiment will be soon seen in print.

Among other activities, the summer required lots of traveling to attend conferences. In June we attended The Global Chinese Conference on Computers in Education - GCCCE 2014, Shanghai, China in June, presenting the paper entitled "Apply Context-aware technology in Mandarin Chinese Learning"; in July we attended The 14th IEEE International Conference on Advanced Learning Technologies - ICALT2014, Greece, presenting the paper entitled "Learning, engagement and virtual worlds. Virtual worlds pedagogy and learning design"; in August we attended The 13th International Conference on Web-based Learning - ICWL 2014, Estonia, presenting the paper entitled "Bridging in-and-out class learning: Mobile seamless Mandarin learning".

All the traveling didn't mean that work in Taipei stopped. Our Lab prepared and launched one of the first ever MOOC courses at NTNU. We also finished coding all the data gathered from the experiment conducted at WanFu Elementary School, to start writing ASAP.

Fall semester started strong, with lots of work related to the latest experiment and collaboration with professor Nian-Shing Chen (陳年興) and GuTing Elementary School; "Motion Study" started at the end of October, with over 130 students participating in this exciting project. The motion Study project also involved collaboration with XiMen Elementary School, where one class participated in this new research.

This fall we also welcomed a new member to the Lab, Mr Indy Hsiao, a Computer Science and Information Specialist, finishing his PhD at the Department of Computer Science and Information Engineering (National Central University, Taiwan). Glad to have him, his expertise with databases and scripts are essential to our Second Life and OpenSim projects.

The year ended with the 2014 Ministry of Education Achievement Review. A comittee of six scholars visited our university, and we showed them what we have done this year. Certainly a lot can be shown, although most of the work, as always, happens behind the scenes! 2014 has been a very exciting year, and we hope that 2015 is even more prosperous.
Our Achievements
2013 was a year full of activities and traveling! We started the year organizing an activity for the Ministry of Education, which we entitled “Passing the flame” (薪火相傳研習會). About 70 professors from all over Taiwan were invited to attend this special activity, where senior professors shared their knowledge with juniors. Talks, workshops, discussions, etc. A two-day full agenda that left us exhausted, but with a great feeling and new knowledge.
Our director, Dr. Lan, was invited as visitor professor at Penn State, where she spent 3 months doing intensive research with her colleague Dr. Li Ping.

In September we added a new member, Ms. Yi-Ning Huang, who is responsible for the international affairs related to the Chinese as a Second Language for our Lab. In October Ms. Yi-Chun Tsai joined us to help designing Second life teaching plans and to continue with the construction of the NTNU Language Island. At the end of 2013 we said bye to our colleague Ms. Wang, who continued her journey chasing new goals. To continue with her job, Ms. Chia-Ling Kao joined us in December, and has been carrying out experiment planning and implementation.
Our Achievements
New members joined the TELL Lab, including a new Post-Doctoral researcher, Dr. Tsun-Ju Lin, who graduated from Washington State University, WA, USA. Other two members joined, Carlos Sánchez-Martín, former manager of the Modern Languages Technology Center at Rochester Institute of Technology, NY, USA, and Szu-Yun Wang, an MA graduate from the University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee, WI, USA. Almost right after Dr. Lin joined us, Dr. Liu continued her journey as a newly hired professor at the Department of Applied English, at KaiNan University.
Do you know of a better way to end up 2012 than organizing an International workshop on learning in 3D virtual realities? Second Life and other virtual worlds used for education purposes were discussed and after a lot of work,
Our Achievements

Before 2012 ... we didn't have a Website, so there is no narrative for what we did... but we certainly had lots of activities, attended many conferences, published many papers... and had lots of fun!